Home Home Kitchen The 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ

Rice cookers are an essential kitchen appliance that every home should have. They can be used to prepare rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and many other types of food. However, before you buy a rice cooker there are a few things that you need to consider first.

To help you with your rice cooker buying decision, here’s the 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ! We’ve also included a rice cooker buyer’s guide so you know what questions you need to ask before buying a rice cooker.

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The 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ

1. Breville: The Smart Rice Box

Price: $200

The 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ

Set it and forget it, the Breville Smart Rice Box makes cooking rice easy as 1-2-3.

Simply select from 8 one-touch settings to make perfectly steamed rice every time. The fuzzy logic technology automatically adjusts the temperature at the right time for each stage of rice cooking no matter which type of rice you want.

The high-quality nonstick aluminum pot lets your delicious creations slide out cleanly and easily while the dishwasher-safe lid locks in juices and flavors – both voluminous 10 cup capacity means this cooker will serve a big family dinner with plenty left over for tasty reheats later on down the line!

2. Philips HD4514

Price: $165

The 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ

The Philips HD4514 is the grain master for your favorite grains and rice.

Imagine fluffy rice that’s rich in natural fragrance and tastes delicious, made possible by Philips innovative GrainMaster FragrantTaste technology.

Whether you’re cooking anything from brown rice to risotto, here is a machine that can cook up any dish with its easy-to-control dials and settings – granting the user total control over how their meal will taste.

It also puts an end to constant guesswork thanks to its 24-hour preset timer setting making sure you’ll never overcook your food again!

3. Sunbeam Perfect 7

Price: $125

The 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ

With the Rice Perfect Deluxe 7 and Steamer from Sunbeam, making perfect rice is easier than ever before.

Not only does it have a large lidded cooking pot that allows for easy monitoring of moisture levels in the pan, but also includes an equally handy steaming rack which ensures you’ll get your veggies steamed perfectly tender while they wait for their chance to meet their destiny in fried rice or shrimp sauté.

Throw in some sea salt, garlic powder, ground ginger if you dare; maybe even lemongrass if you’re feeling adventurous–the Rhe Perfect Deluxe 7 has all the bases covered.

4. Midea 3L Rice Cooker

Price: $110

The 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ

Midea’s 3L Rice Cooker is designed to be suitable for small families.

The Smart Fuzzy Logic Technology will automatically adjust the optimum temperature and time at each stage of cooking, ultimately serving delicious rice in your bowl.

The Touch button design provides a stylish look and easy operation for this multi-function rice cooker.

5. Westinghouse Rice Cooker

Price: $80

The 5 BEST Rice Cookers NZ

The Westinghouse Rice Cooker handles the cooking duties for you!

The hinged, cool-touch lid seals in all that delicious flavor and won’t burn your hands.

Thanks to its condensation collector, cleanup is a breeze after every dish.

And with 9 different functions, this rice cooker has something that’ll pique everyone’s interest.

So whether you’re looking for white or brown rice, or just want to keep food warm without overcooking, the Westinghouse Rice Cooker has you covered.

Rice Cooker Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide will help potential buyers understand the features of different rice cookers available on the market today. It will also explain what you should look for in a rice cooker and what questions you should ask before deciding which one is the right one for you.

What batch size does the rice cooker accommodate?

This is an important factor to consider if you plan on cooking a large amount of rice at one time. The most popular sizes are 8 cups, 10 cups and 12 cups.

Remember that the figures quoted refer to uncooked rice. When rice is cooked it doubles in size, so be sure to take that into consideration when buying a rice cooker.

Is the rice cooker easy to clean?

All rice cookers should be at least somewhat easy to clean. However, some models have features that make them even easier and more convenient to clean than others.

Be sure you factor in how much time and effort it will take before making a purchase decision.

How durable is the model?

Some of the cheaper brands might not last as long as pricier ones because they use plastic parts instead of metal components.

Other things like handles can also affect durability so keep those factors in mind when buying a rice cooker too!

Does the rice cooker come with any advanced features?

Can the rice cooker automatically keep my cooked rice warm after it’s done?

This feature makes some models more convenient than others because they help save time on having to do this yourself.

Some high-end brands might include sensors that shut off when there are no longer any temperature changes in order to conserve energy while ensuring proper function overall.

Does the model have an auto timer so I can set it to begin cooking rice at a certain time?

This is another important, but often overlooked feature that some models have. It helps make life more convenient for those who are busy and don’t want to over or under cook their rice by having to constantly check on the progress.

Look for models that can make your life easier by giving you optimal control over how your food is prepared!

Will the rice cooker fit in your kitchen?

What are the dimensions?

How heavy is it?

What shape does it take up on my kitchen countertop or cabinet storage space?

Do I need to clear out some room in order to accommodate this appliance’s size/shape?

How easy will it be to store when not in use (and ideally moved around if necessary)?

These questions should also factor into any decision-making process involving a new rice cooker purchase because they determine whether or not an item fits well within one’s home environment.

Does the rice cooker have extra cooking functions?

Some rice cookers come with pre-programmed settings for cooking different types of food like sushi, porridge and brown rice.

Others can also double as a slow cooker or even steam vegetables!

If you eat multiple kinds of meals regularly be sure to get one that will make your life easier by giving you optimal control over how your food is prepared!