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The 5 BEST Slow Cookers NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST Slow Cookers NZ

Slow cookers are a great way to make your life easier. They allow you to set it and forget it, so that you can focus on other things while the food cooks. But which slow cooker should you buy? There are many different brands and models to choose from, with different features and benefits.

To help you with your slow cooker buying decision here’s the 5 BEST Slow Cookers NZ! We’ve also included a slow cooker buyer’s guide so you know what to consider before making your final decision.

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The 5 BEST Slow Cookers NZ

1. Crockpot: Choose-a-Crock

Price: $299

The 5 BEST Slow Cookers NZ

The Choose-A-Crock One Pot Cooker is the ultimate in versatility, with 2 different sizes to suit any one-pot meal occasion.

Unlike most slow cookers on the market, this model offers two different size options in a single package; allowing you to cook more or less portions of food at once depending on your needs.

The Choose-a-Crock can serve up to 8 people per cooking session!

2. KitchenAid: Artisan Slow Cooker

Price: $239

The 5 BEST Slow Cookers NZ

Built for versatility and practicality, the KitchenAid 5.7L Slow Cooker ensures your dishes are flavorful and perfect any time of day.

With a multileveled lid and large capacity, this cooker delivers a big bang for your buck on everything from quick recipes to slow-cooked meals with four temperature settings so it’s ready when you are.

3. Russell Hobbs 6L Slow Cooker

Price: $160

The 5 BEST Slow Cookers NZ

The Russell Hobbs 6L Slow Cooker is a versatile and affordable appliance for your modern kitchen.

It features a handy auto function that maximizes flavour by adjusting to the perfect cooking temperature.

Its programmable timer allows you to cook dinner at night before going to work or school.

The stainless steel finish will look stylish in any décor, and the removable ceramic bowl makes for easy cleanup after those slow-cooked meals.

4. SecretChef Slow Cooker 

Price: $150

The 5 BEST Slow Cookers NZ

Cook a wholesome and healthy family meal with the Sunbeam Slow Cooker 5.5L, perfect for those who love leftovers.

The slow cooker tenderises and infuses food resulting in a flavoursome dish, cooked with minimal effort and supervision.

This large capacity slow cooker has three heat settings to suit any preference- low, high or keep warm- plus a removable ceramic glazed crock insert for easy cleaning.

It looks great on your kitchen countertop too!

5. Westinghouse slow cooker

Price: $90

The 5 BEST Slow Cookers NZ

With a sleek and practical design, the Westinghouse slow cooker is perfect for an entire family!

Cook nine whole chicken breasts or eight pork chops en masse without sacrificing flavor with the strategically designed stainless steel insert.

The temperature controls allow you to cook different dishes at once, or adjust simply from high to low for succulent perfection every time.

With ingredients fitting snugly inside and no excess mess outside, this appliance can be left on your countertop without taking up too much space – not that there’s any risk of overcooking a delicious dish!

Slow Cooker Buyer’s Guide

What are the most important things to consider when buying a slow cooker? With so many different types of cookers on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. To make your decision easier, we’ve created a list of questions that potential buyers should ask before they buy their next slow cooker.

What is the slow cookers heating method?

The heating methods for slow cookers vary depending on the brand and the individual model. There are three basic types of cookers: those with a ceramic pot, those with a metal pot, and those with an insert (a metal or ceramic pot inside the cooker).

Ceramic and metal pots both rely on heat from either an electric coil or metal heating rod to generate heat for cooking foods.

Ceramic pots are usually less expensive, but they can’t be used to make browning items such as sausages and bacon. Ceramic pots also take longer to heat than metal pots. The heat generated by metal rods is quicker than the heat generated by electric coils. The heat generated by the metal rods is also more controllable than electric coils.

Insert cookers utilize liquid from the insert to generate the heat necessary to cook food.

Insert cookers are the fastest of the three types of cooking pots, but they are also the most expensive. Insert cookers are good for foods that need to cook with a lot of liquid. Insert cookers are usually best for soups, stews, and sauces. Insert cookers are also good for slow-cooking tough meats like brisket or ribs that require long periods of cooking time.

What size slow cooker do you require?

Slow cookers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to large.

Small slow cookers are best for single-person households or couples who don’t want leftovers after mealtime. These models also work well if you only want to slow cook one or two things at a time such as roasts, soups, or stews.

Large slow cookers are best for large families who love leftovers or people who enjoy inviting friends and family over for dinner on the weekends. Cookers in this size range also work well when cooking more than one type of food at a time such as different cuts of meat side by side so they can all be ready at the same time.

Medium-sized cookers are good for those who live alone but love leftovers. These models also work well for couples and small families as long as you’re not looking to feed a crowd on busy weeknights or weekends when everyone is home from school or work.

What shape slow cooker suits your requirements?

Slow cookers come in a variety of shapes. There are round, oval, and rectangular models on the market today. The shape that’s best for you will depend on what type of cooking you plan to do with it.

Round slow cookers are good for stews and curries. They tend to cost less than other types because fewer materials go into making them.

Oval slow cookers work well if your family loves large cuts of meat. They also work well if you’re cooking for a crowd on busy weeknights or weekends when everyone is home from school and work. Oval models are usually larger than round slow cookers, so they can handle bigger cuts of meat that require longer cooking times.

Rectangular slow cookers are good all-purpose options that cost more because more materials go into making them compared to other types.

These models come in various sizes as well, accommodating different meal portions depending on the number of people eating at your table during mealtime.

Rectangular models tend to be wider but shorter which makes it easier to fit large items inside such as whole chickens or roasts without cutting them up first.