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The 6 BEST Electric Kettles in NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST electric kettles in NZ

Bringing water to a boil seems like a no-brainer in the home. Put water in a saucepan or standard kettle, turn on the heat, and wait a few minutes. While this isn’t particularly difficult, there’s an even easier way to do it. Electric kettles.

Coffee and tea drinkers prefer electric kettles because of the ease, speed, and accuracy they provide while heating water. These are all things that a conventional kettle just cannot do.

The electric kettle is a must-have for most people’s kitchens. However, this once simple appliance now comes in a wider range of finishes and capabilities than ever before. Choosing between them is difficult. Luckily we’re going to make things simple for you.

It can be hard picking an electric kettle that’s right for your kitchen and does everything you want it to do. To help we’ve tried and tested a number of electric kettles and here is a list of what we think are the 6 BEST Electric Kettles in NZ!

We’ve also included an electric kettle buyer’s guide so you know what you need to consider before making your electric kettle buying decision.

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The 6 Best Electric Kettles in NZ

1Cuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable

Price: $100
Key specs: 1.7L capacity | 2400w |  22.4 cm (L) x 15.5 cm (W) x 24.8 (H)


  • 6 preset temperature buttons
  • 30-minute keep warm time
  • 360° base
  • Affordable


  • Not as durable as other kettles

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Kettle is the finest electric kettle on the market. We loved the customisability of it.

Its greatest feature is its preset water temperatures for six distinct kinds of tea. There are sections for delicate teas like green and white that are best served at 75° and for strong black tea there’s the 100° option.

You can keep your water warm for 30 minutes after it’s been boiled as a memory function is also included. If we went off doing something else and forgot we had just boiled the water. It would still be hot when we returned. This happened far more often thatn we’d care to admit and we loved that it meant we didn’t have to reboil the water every time.

Lifting the kettle off its base while it’s still brewing will have no effect since the kettle remembers its previous position when you put it back down.

Although it didn’t effect the water in any way we must admit we liked the blue lighting on the glass to easily see how much water is in the kettle.

Buy now for $100 from Amazon.com.au

2Delonghi Distinta Moments Kettle

Price: $210
Key specs: 1.7L capacity | 2,000w


  • 360° base
  • Cord storage
  • Auto-shutoff


  • Expensive

This Delonghi Distinta Moments Kettle is beautiful with its classy matte metallic finish and chrome accents.

It boasts a 1.7L capacity, so you’ll be able to brew tea for any unexpected visitors.

What we liked most about the Distinta Moments is the premium features it comes with. It’s a safe kettle, it’s effective and it’s easy to use.

Your family will be secure thanks to the 3-stage safety protection system that includes a water level indicator.

When the water starts to boil, the kettle shuts off immediately. There’s also a thermal cutoff to stop the water from heating any further, and an automatic shutoff when the kettle’s body is removed off the base.

With this kettle’s removable 360-degree swivel base and non-slip feet, you can enjoy cord-free convenience.

The anti-scale filter can be easily removed and washed so that you can continue to boil clean water without worrying about scale buildup.

When it’s not in use, the cord storage keeps the kettle neatly tucked away.

Buy now for $210 from Noel Leeming (via TheMarket.com)

3KitchenAid Artisan Kettle

Price: $259
Key specs: 1.7L capacity | 218mm (w), 245mm (h), 150mm (d) | 2000 – 2400w


  • Variable temperature settings
  • Keep warm function
  • Water window


  • Expensive

The KitchenAid Artisan 1.7L Kettle is a stylish electric kettle.

While it doesn’t have as many premium features as the Distinta Moments, the high level of quality extends beyond the surface level as well.

Water temperature ranges from 50C to 100C through a sturdy mechanical switch located on the unit’s base. This makes it ideal for brewing a wide range of beverages.

This is one of the fastest kettles we tested, requiring only 2 minutes and 24 seconds to heat a full amount of water to a useable temperature.

If you want an electric kettle that looks good and is very versatile, you’ll love the Artisan.

Buy now for $259 from TheMarket.com

4Russell Hobbs Brookyln

Price: $190
Key specs: 1.7L capacity


  • Copper accents look great
  • Quiet boil technology
  • Blue LED interior light
  • Push button lid


  • Louder than other kettles on this list

The Russell Hobbs Brooklyn electric kettles’ copper embellishments give it a trendy appearance. We think this is probably the best looking kettle on this list.

In addition to its excellent aesthetics, it has a push-open button lid and an illuminated blue water window. As a result, you’ll always know exactly how much water you’ve got and it will look great in any kitchen.

It has a detachable and washable anti-scale filter and it has very good boiling performance. We were able to boil water we needed quickly and without hassle.

While it doesn’t have many advanced features and functions, the Brooklyn prides itself on its simplicity of use, quietness and design. And it’s a very good electric kettle.

Buy now for $190 from Noel Leeming (via TheMarket.com)

5Alessi Plisse Electric Kettle

Price: $415
Key specs: 1.7L capacity | Height (cm): 29.00 Length (cm): 21.00 Width (cm) | Thermoplastic resin


  • Chic unique look
  • Beautiful design
  • Simple to use


  • Expensive

If you’re looking for an electric kettle that’s going to make family and friends look twice, look no further than the Alessi Plisse Electric Kettle.

This kettle doesn’t look like anything else on the market. More like a piece of art than an appliance it looks great.

Made of thermoplastic resin, designed by Michele De Lucchi. It’s perfect for those who appreciate beautiful objects and functional design. The kettle has a fascinating pleated shape that will make your kitchen look chic!

But that’s not all. It’s a good kettle as well. It doesn’t have all the premium features found in more functional electric kettles but it effectively boils water.

The one thing we didn’t like about this kettle is the price. It’s expensive, too expensive but that’s the price of art we guess.

Buy now for $415 from Crisp Home & Wear (via TheMarket.com)

6Sunbeam Maestro

Price: $70
Key specs: 20.7 L x 20.6 W x 29.2 H centimeters | 2400w | 1.7L capacity


  • Dual Shield protection
  • Dual Shield insulation
  • Heat resistant
  • Blue LEDs


  • Lacks premium features

The Sunbeam Maestro Glass Kettle is a no-frills kettle. It simply boils water, and not much else.

With that said, the simplicity of it is what we liked. If you don’t need the expensive premium features attributed with other kettles on this list, the Maestro is the perfect option for you.

With Sunbeam’s Dual Shield Protection, it’s more resistant to bumps and dings, and for longer-lasting hot water, it features Dual Shield Insulation. It also features Dual Shield Heat Resistance which keeps the device’s outside surface from becoming too hot to the touch.

The Maestro Glass Kettle includes everything you’d expect. It has a 360° base and measures are on the kettle’s side.

It’s fast, efficient, simple and affordable. And for some people that’s all they need.

Buy now for $80 from Amazon.com.au

Electric kettle buyers guide:

What are the benefits of an electric kettle?

To many customers, electric kettles are well worth the price because of a few key features they offer:

  • They’re quicker than standard kettles: Electric kettles are quicker at bringing water to a boil than stovetops or microwaves. Electric kettles have a lot going for them if you value efficiency or want your daily cup of coffee ready quicker every day.
  • They’re easy to use: For the most part, all you have to do is add water and push a button. Generally, even electric kettles with a variety of temperature and function settings are simple to use.
  • They’re environmentally friendly: Boiling water in an electric kettle consumes less energy than in a microwave or a conventional stove-top kettle since the latter uses more energy.
  • They’re accurate: Tea enthusiasts should know that the temperature at which you brew certain kinds of tea matters greatly in terms of taste. Electric kettles allow you to customise and control elements like temperature so you can get that perfect brew every time.

What to look for when buying an electric kettle:


You can get a basic electric kettle with just a few functions, extremely cheap these days. Higher-end versions can cost more however even the best kettles aren’t sold at extortionate prices. There are many mid-range models that will heat tea fast and won’t break the bank if that’s all you need from it.

But if you want more control over the temperature, superior materials, and the assurance that your electric kettle will last a long time, you should go for a more costly model.

How fast is it?

The quickness that electric kettles provide is often cited as a reason for their popularity. In order to shorten the time it takes you to make tea or coffee, search for an electric kettle with a good reputation for being quick. This will help you save time.

When it comes to boiling water, most electric kettles take three to four minutes, while others claim they can heat a mug’s worth in only 90 seconds.

When comparing various electric kettles, you should look for one that is quicker than your microwave or stovetop kettle.


When it comes to size, there are two things to keep in mind. The first consideration is how much water can the electric kettle take? How many cups of coffee or tea do you normally brew at one time, or do you like to prepare larger batches? When it comes to portable electric kettles, some have a lower capacity than others. Before making a purchase, make sure you weigh your requirements against the size of the kettles you are considering.

The second consideration is the amount of counter space you have. A kitchen can only have so much counter space, so everything you add needs to find a home someplace. Do some planning before buying an electric kettle. Figure out where it will go in your kitchen. To avoid buying anything you can’t use, figure out how much space you have available before making a purchase.


The temperature at which tea is brewed affects the flavour. As a result, although boiling water is acceptable for black tea, it degrades the taste of other teas including green and white.

For coffee, a temperature of less than boiling is optimal. If you’re picky about your coffee, you’ll find that the difference in taste between using boiling water and water that’s just a little below boiling is massive.

For this reason, if you’re looking for an electric kettle with be sure to search for a model with various temperature settings.

How loud is it?

Despite the fact that electric kettles aren’t as noisy as some other household appliances, they do produce some noise while heating water, and many of them include beeping features to let you know when the water is ready to be used again. Customers may find both kinds of noise irritating, especially beeping that continues incessantly or that cannot be turned off easily.

Whether you’re prone to be bothered by loud sounds or not, it’s a good idea to check and see if your electric kettle makes a significant amount of noise.


Durability is an issue for any device with electric components. Instead of spending money on an electric kettle that you’ll only use once a year, go for one that will endure for many years.

The cost of a kettle is a good indication of its durability. Another thing to look out for is any kind of warranty. Brands that provide guarantees for their goods demonstrate that they have faith in the products’ long-term durability and are prepared to back up that belief.

Additional Features

Some electric kettles come with handy features that can add to their ease of use. Be sure to keep an eye out for these when making your kettle purchase. Here are some common features below:

  • Auto Shutoff – We’ve all been guilty of leaving the lights on after we’re done with them. If you leave an electric kettle with an auto cutoff function on, it will switch off after a certain period of time if you haven’t returned to it.
  • Cord storage in the base – Cords have the annoying habit of getting in the way. The placement of the kettle’s cord in the base means that you only have to deal with it when you need to. Also having a cordless kettle (or one with a removable cable) makes it simpler to use and store.
  • Water gauge – With a visible water gauge, you can always see how much is left in your kettle and adjust accordingly
  • Keep Warm Feature – This function on an electric kettle keeps the water heated until you return to it to pour your beverage.