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The 5 BEST Baby Monitors NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST Baby Monitors NZ

So, you’re going to have a baby. Congratulations! This is an exciting time in your life and it’s important that you buy the best baby monitor for you and your new bundle of joy. Whether it’s a gift or for yourself, this article will provide some tips to make sure that you get the right product.

To help you with your baby monitor purchase we’ve compiled a list of the 5 BEST Baby Monitors NZ! We’ve also included a buyer’s guide that will explain what you need to think about before making a final purchase decision.

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The 5 BEST Baby Monitors NZ

1. Oricom: Babysense 7 + SC870 Video Monitor Value Pack

Price: $800

The 5 BEST Baby Monitors NZ

The Babysense7 Infant Breathing Movement Monitor is here to help you monitor your little one’s breathing at all times.

If there are any concerns, an audible alarm will sound off and notify you if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Set up this lifesaving monitor in minutes by simply attaching it to sensor pads underneath your baby’s mattress so only they can feel them!

With the SC870 Video Monitor, you’ll have peace of mind every step of the way with the remote camera panning and remotely moving speakers to soothe the baby back to sleep.

Designed for comfort without any bright lights or sounds at night, it’s also equipped with an adjustable light that can be manually controlled for a soothing glow in your child’s room at any time of day or night.

This little monitor has something for everyone: parents will love the talk-back function which lets them reassure their children from distance.

2. Project Nursery – WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Price: $699

The 5 BEST Baby Monitors NZ

The Project Nursery WiFi Video Baby Monitor is a must-have for modern parents.

Whether you want to keep an eye on your baby from the other side of the house or get “home” alerts with temperature and sound notifications through the mobile app, this wifi video monitor does it all without sacrificing quality.

The dual connectivity capability of the dedicated parent unit makes watching your little one easy no matter where you are – whether you’re across town at a friend’s house or out on a business trip in another state.

No more worries about having to constantly stream back and forth between apps!

3. VTech: Safe and Sound

Price: $400

The 5 BEST Baby Monitors NZ

Getting a baby monitor for your child can be daunting. But the VTech Safe and Sound is different because it has features that are sure to keep you satisfied.

Fit all your needs with this 1080p high-definition video monitoring camera, adjustable camera angle, soothing sounds and lullabies, two-way talk capability, night vision settings, volume control, Wi-Fi extender—and so much more!

Trust in the experience of parents everywhere by selecting the VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor for peace of mind.

4. Vtech BM3300

Price: $199

The 5 BEST Baby Monitors NZ

The Vtech BM3300 2.4 GHz Talk-Back Intercom with temperature sensor, auto night vision, adjustable camera lens, and the high resolution will amaze you!

For instance, it has soothing sounds and lullabies which are sure to satisfy your baby.

It also boasts a high quality of digital transmission along with great split-screen viewing that’ll let you be on top of what’s going on at home or keep an eye on your little one from where ever you are.

Around the house or away it has a wall-mountable design so you can always know who is up and about when they should be sleeping.

5. VTech: Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor

Price: $99

The 5 BEST Baby Monitors NZ

The VTech: Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor is perfect for little ones and parents on the move.

The mains-powered baby unit has a speaker/microphone so you can talk to the baby from another room, lights that display sound level and temperature of the room, and 5 lullabies with 5 levels of volume settings so you can adjust it to meet your specific needs.

Remembering to recharge batteries once they’re drained is a thing of the past thanks in part to the parent unit (recharges via USB), which also displays room temperature, lets you speak softly without disrupting baby’s naptime, and includes an LCD screen.

Baby Monitor Buyer’s Guide

What do you need a baby monitor for? If you’re a parent, then chances are that you’ve asked yourself this question before. Whether it’s to keep an eye on your little one when they sleep or hear them crying from another room, there are many reasons why parents purchase and use baby monitors.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over what baby monitor features to consider before buying one so that you can find the right type of monitor for your needs.

What type of baby monitor do you need?


Audio monitors are the most common type of baby monitor. They consist of a parent unit with speakers and an adjustable microphone to pick up your child’s cries, as well as radio frequency (RF) transmitters that send sound from one unit to another over short distances.

The primary benefit of these monitors is their ease-of-use; however, sound quality can vary greatly. These monitors are also the cheapest option, but they may not be reliable for extended distances or over several floors in your home.


Video baby monitors consist of a camera and receiver unit.

The parent unit has two screens: one that displays video footage from the connected camera and another to display sound levels (and sometimes other information).

Because these units contain cameras, parents should consider privacy concerns before using them as audio-only devices.

Video baby monitors allow parents to keep tabs on their child at any given moment without being tethered by a cord to the baby unit.

Is the baby monitor battery operated?

Battery-operated baby monitors are convenient because they allow you to move around the home without being tied down by a cord.

On the other hand, battery life can be short and batteries may need to be replaced frequently if used often or in large homes where signal strength is weak.

What features do you want in a baby monitor?

Noise Level Indicators

Parents should look for units with LED indicators that go up when noise levels increase, which indicate how much louder your child’s cry is than average ambient sound levels (normal breathing/heartbeat noises).

This feature will also reduce false alarms caused by loud pets barking or loud noises outside the baby’s room.

Temperature Sensor

While not totally necessary, a temperature sensor can be useful for parents who are concerned about their child being too hot or cold at night.

Some units have infrared (IR) sensors that measure changes in warmth and alert you if your baby is too warm or cold when compared to pre-set parameters.

These types of monitors work best for newborns because they do not emit heat like adults do; however, it should go without saying that these devices cannot replace taking constant readings with an actual thermometer.

Rechargeable Parent Unit Battery

This feature allows you to move around the home while still maintaining control over your monitor. For example, some rechargeable batteries allow up to 36 hours of use in power-saving mode, which is ideal for parents who need a monitor that can last through the night.


Some units have an alarm to alert you when your baby cries or makes noise over a certain threshold (i.e., louder than normal breathing/heartbeat noises).

This feature isn’t necessary but it’s convenient, especially if you tend to fall asleep while listening for your baby at night.

Does the baby monitor work as an intercom?

Some baby monitors offer intercom functionality, which allows parents to communicate with their child from the parent unit.

This is useful for when you need to soothe your baby and don’t want to leave them alone in another room or talk over a monitor speaker that could potentially wake others up (or damage hearing).


Nightlights are common on video units because they allow parents who turn off all lights in the nursery at bedtime (to reduce disturbances) to see their child without waking anyone else up.

It can also be helpful if you tend to lose things like pacifiers down between crib slats; however, nightlights should never replace proper lighting during nighttime diaper changes as per safety guidelines related to SIDS.

Do you want a single unit to use in multiple rooms?

If so, look for units with two parent units that can be used simultaneously. This way one monitor can stay with the baby and another could be placed wherever it is needed (e.g., parental bedroom).

Some models allow up to four cameras per system if you have more than one child or need monitors around your house.

Is quality important?

Yes! It should go without saying that an inexpensive product will likely not last as long as higher-quality products because they contain inferior components; however, price shouldn’t necessarily be your only consideration when buying something like a video baby monitor since there are many options available at various price points even within the same product line.

Do you want a unit with remote pan/tilt capability?

Some units allow parents to remotely pivot the camera up, down or side-to-side from their parent unit(s) so they can see all areas of the baby’s room during naps and nighttime sleep. This feature is particularly useful if your child sleeps in different locations throughout the day (e.g., bassinet vs crib). It also provides additional peace of mind that your baby will not get lost somewhere in his or her bedroom because it allows parents to track them easily without entering the nursery again after being removed for safety purposes while sleeping at night time.