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The 5 BEST Baby Rockers NZ (2022)

The 5 BEST Baby Rockers NZ

If you’re looking for a baby rocker for your newborn or yet to be born child, you’ll know there’s a lot of options out there. This can make finding the right baby rocker difficult, there’s so much to consider.

Don’t panic, we’re here to help. We’ve tested and collated a list of what we think are the 5 BEST Baby Rockers NZ, so you don’t have to. This way you can make a more informed decision when deciding which baby rocker is right for you.

We’ve also included a Baby Rocker Buyer’s Guide so you know what you need to consider before finalising your buying decision.

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The 5 BEST Baby Rockers NZ

1Charlie Crane Levo Rocker

Price: $490
Key specs: Suitable from birth to 9kg | H38 x L70 x W45 cm | Wooden frame


  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable wooden frame
  • Removable harness great as baby grows up


  • Expensive

The Charlie Crane Levo Rocker is perfect for new parents. We loved it.

This is the best looking rocker on this list. We loved the look and also the availability of 3 different colour cushions to suit our tastes.

The stylish, organic cotton fabric is soft and comfortable for your baby, while the sustainably managed wood is safe and sturdy.

The rocker can be easily rocked by the child or by a parent, providing soothing comfort for all.

The feature we liked most was the removable harness. The rocker can be turned into a rocking chair as your child grows, ensuring years of comfortable relaxation.

The cushion is soft and comfortable for your little one and most importantly it’s machine-washable and easy to remove, making it perfect for everyday use.

While it is on the expensive end of the list, it’s an effective and great rocker that we’re sure you’ll love as much as we did.

Buy now for $490 from Classical Child (via TheMarket.com)

24moms mamaRoo 4.0 Baby Swing

Price: $500
Key specs: Suitable from birth to 6 months | 25.5″L x 19.5″W x 33″H | Plastic


  • 5 different motions
  • Controllable through app on any smart device
  • Comes with a lot of premium features


  • Expensive

4moms mamaRoo 4.0 is the perfect baby swing for all your needs!

With 5 unique motions and 5 speeds, you can customize how your child swings.

The built-in sounds are calming and MP3 compatible, so you can choose your own music or recordings to play. Bluetooth enabled, you can even control the motion and sound from your compatible smart device!

The adjustable seat recline ensures that your child is always comfortable, while the toy mobile with interactive, reversible toy balls provides stimulation and amusement.

We loved the mamaRoo Baby Swing because it’s packed full of advanced features. If you want the rocker to mimic riding in the car you can do that. And most importantly we found it was effective, baby’s fell asleep very quickly.

It is expensive but if you have the money it’s worth the extra investment.

Buy now for $500 from Amazon.com.au

3Nuna Leaf Rocker

Price: $359
Key specs: Suitable from birth to 60kg | h 45 x w 71 x l 72 cm | Plastic


  • Unique floating design
  • No batteries needed
  • Easily portable


  • No automatic rocking

The Nuna Leaf Rocker is a unique and stylish choice for parents looking for a sleek and serene nursery design.

Its gentle push motion lasts for over two minutes, making it easy to soothe your baby without batteries or cords.

The soft organic cotton insert is perfect for snuggling, while the plush, cushy fabric is certified Oeko-Tex® to be gentle on delicate skin.

When not in use, the Leaf Rocker easily pops out of its base for quick trips or storage. Plus, it grows with your child from newborn to big kid size.

What we loved most about this baby rocker is how long it lasts. Able to be used by children weighing up to 60kg is a massive selling point. It also provides a floating rocking experience unlike other baby rockers, that your baby might love.

Buy now for $359 from MightyApe.co.nz

4Mastela Baby Swing

Price: $139
Key specs: Suitable from birth to 3 years | L67 x W76 x H81cm | Plastic


  • 3 year old’s can use it
  • Swinging motion works well
  • Sturdy design


  • Lacks premium features

The Mastela Baby Swing is perfect for providing a safe and comfortable place for your little one to relax.

The backrest can be reclined to three positions, and the five-point safety harness ensures that baby is always secure.

Fifteen melodies provide a variety of soothing sounds, and you can choose from five different swing speeds to find the perfect pace for your child.

Three timer settings also allow you to customize how long the swing runs.

A sturdy and attractive toy bar comes with two plush toys, and you can even connect your smartphone or USB flash drive to play your favourite music.

This is a very effective and very affordable baby rocker. If you don’t want the premium features of the more expensive rockers on this list we recommend the Mastela Baby Swing, it’s a great price and will do everything you want.

Buy now for $139 from Amazon.com.au

5Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Price: $70
Key specs: Suitable from birth till toddler | L61.3 x W13.3 x H33 | Plastic


  • Great price
  • Dual-recline
  • Toy bar keeps kids entertained


  • Doesn’t last as long as other rockers

This is the cheapest baby rocker on our list but it’s still very effective and well-made.

This portable baby seat and rocking chair can be used from infant up to toddler size, and features two recline positions and a removable toy bar with two bat-at toys to keep baby entertained.

The calming vibrations also help soothe your little one, and when it’s time to take a break, the foldout kickstand provides stationary seating.

Plus, the machine-washable seat pad makes cleanup a breeze.

Don’t let the price fool you, this is a great baby rocker, it just doesn’t have the features some other rockers have.

Buy now for $70 from Amazon.com.au

Baby Rocker Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a baby rocker but don’t know where to start? This buyer’s guide is for you!

This baby rocker buyer’s guide will cover everything you need to consider before making your baby rocker purchase.

We’ll explain the questions you should ask yourself before finalising your decision and also provide tips on how to find the perfect rocker for your little one.

So, whether you’re just starting your search or you’re ready to buy, read on for information that will help make your baby rocker buying decision easier!

What ages does the baby rocker support?

Most baby rockers support babies from birth to around six months old.

However, some models can be used up to 12 or 18 months old, depending on the weight and size of your child.

It’s important to check the age range that a particular model supports before making your purchase.

Also, if you’re hoping to use the rocker for a longer period, make sure it supports older babies.

How long will the baby rocker last?

Like most things, the life of a baby rocker depends on how well it’s taken care of.

Generally speaking, a good quality rocker should last around three to four years.

However, if you’re looking for something that can be passed down to younger siblings or cousins, there are models available that have a longer lifespan.

What features does the baby rocker have?

When shopping for a baby rocker, it’s important to consider the features that are important to you and your family.

Some parents might want a model with multiple reclining positions, while others might prefer one with vibration settings.

There are also rocking chairs that come with built-in music or nature sounds, which some parents find helpful in soothing their baby.

If you are new parents it’s going to be hard to guess what your baby will like. For that reason we advise its best to look for a baby rocker that can accommodate multiple movements, has a large range of reclining functions and is compatible with overhead toys, so you cover all your bases.

How portable is the baby rocker?

If you’re someone who likes to move around a lot, you’ll want to consider how portable the baby rocker is.

Some models are quite heavy and difficult to move, while others can be folded up for easy transport.

It’s also important to check if the rocker needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work – this could be a problem if you often travel or move around a lot.

What is the baby rocker made from?

When it comes to baby furniture, safety is always the top priority.

For that reason, it’s important to check what materials the baby rocker is made from before making your purchase.

Most models on the market are made from safe, non-toxic materials such as wood or plastic.

However, there are some cheaper models that might be made from materials that are not as safe for your child.

As a general rule, it’s best to avoid baby rockers that are made from cheap or flimsy materials.

These models are more likely to break or collapse, which could pose a serious safety hazard for your child.