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The 5 BEST Shower Heads NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST Shower Heads NZ

A shower head is an essential component of any home. It can make bathing more enjoyable, and it can also save you money on your water bill.

Choosing the right shower head for your bathroom can be a tricky process. To assist there’s the 5 BEST Shower Heads NZ!

We’ve also included a shower head buyer’s guide so you know what to consider before making your final buying decision.

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The 5 BEST Shower Heads NZ

Wels Rain Shower Head

Price: $340 – 350

The 5 BEST Shower Heads NZ

Transform your everyday shower into a luxurious spa-like experience with the Wels Rain Shower Head.

With its WaterMark certification and WELS approved use, this top-quality shower head ensures that you can shower with total peace of mind.

The rainfall effect is incredibly soothing, while the handheld shower head comes with up to three spray patterns so you can target the water at specific areas on your body with varying intensities.

Plus, the solid brass body is finished in premium chrome for a look that will last for years.

Super Slim Shower Head

Price: $120

The 5 BEST Shower Heads NZ

Looking for something a little more unique in your shower? Check out the Super Slim Shower Head!

This stylish round head delivers a soft and relaxing shower experience, with water droplets falling delicately from the ultra-thin head.

Plus, it comes with a 3-star energy rating – perfect for those who care about their environmental impact.

The durable stainless steel construction is backed by a chrome finish, adding luster to any bathroom.

Round Chrome Slim Shower Head

Price: $160

The 5 BEST Shower Heads NZ

This Round Chrome Slim Shower Head is perfect for giving your bathroom a quick and easy update.

The sleek, minimalist design looks great with any décor, while the soft TPR material ensures a gentle, relaxing shower experience.

Plus, the 360° swivel ball joint makes it easy to adjust the shower head to your exact needs.

Gooseneck Square Rain Shower Head

Price: $120

The 5 BEST Shower Heads NZ

Get ready for a supreme shower experience!

This fixed 8″ Shower Head is made with a durable solid brass body and finished in premium chrome.

The ease of assembly makes this heavy-duty product safe to use right out-of-the-box.

The Gooseneck Square Rain Shower Head has you covered with its watermark-certified finishing that ensures your safety every step of the way.

Della Francesca Shower Head

Price: $90

The 5 BEST Shower Heads NZ

The Della Francesca Rain Shower Head gives you the perfect spa-like shower experience, without the high price tag.

The sleek, modern design is perfect for any bath, and the polished chrome finish gives it a chic look.

This shower head fits a standard shower thread and is both budget and Eco-friendly.

Shower Head Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a new shower head, there are some things that potential buyers should consider.

There are also some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a new shower head.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll highlight some important things you should consider before making your shower head purchase.

What type of shower head are you looking for?


Adjustable shower heads, fit most standard shower brackets.

They’re easy to install and will give you more water pressure than a fixed shower head.

If you’re worried about the look of your bathroom, these shower heads come in different finishes like chrome or brushed nickel which will suit many different bathroom styles.

Also, adjustable heads attach to the existing plumbing without any additional tools which makes it easy for DIYers.


Rain shower heads are a great option for those looking to upgrade their showers with something luxurious and spa-like.

The water cascades down from the ceiling, providing you with an experience similar to standing in the rain.

These types of head also come in many different shapes, sizes, finishes and can be configured into both handheld or fixed models depending on your preference.


A handheld showerhead is attached directly to the wall pipe via a hose which gives you more flexibility when using it as compared to other options that attach directly onto your existing fixture.

The height at which you hold this type of model will determine how much water pressure you get, so it’s important to choose one that is at the right height for your shower.


A fixed model will give you a consistent stream of water throughout each use since they are mounted directly onto the wall pipe and don’t move around as handheld models do.

They’re also easier to clean than other types of heads because there aren’t any nooks or crannies where dirt can accumulate over time.

What type of spray pattern does the shower head provide?


A rain shower head provides a steady, gentle stream of water which is perfect for those who love long showers.

The downpour also creates a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom and can help to relieve stress after a hard day at work or school.


This spray pattern will provide you with even coverage from all directions while using the showerhead.

It’s referred to as “beam” because it looks like light coming through a glass window pane or door beam, depending on where you’re standing in the room when taking the shower.


This type of spray comes out quickly and then withdraws back into its housing before shooting out again over an extended period of time.

This style of spray pattern is great for individuals who have arthritis or other mobility issues, since it will help to relieve any pain they might be feeling.


The spray pattern of a jet shower head will focus the water in one concentrated stream which can help to relieve pressure and tension.

This type is also great for those who like long, deep massages or simply enjoy an invigorating shower experience.

What flow rate does the shower head support?

The flow rate refers to how much water the shower head can push through it in a minute.

This is measured by gallons per minute (gpm) which means that if you have a low-flow showerhead, it might take longer for you to get your desired temperature since there’s not as much water being pushed through.

High-flow units will provide more pressure and less wait time while still abiding by your local building codes or homeowner association regulations regarding maximum allowable gpm within each unit of your home.