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The 6 BEST Epilators NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST Epilators NZ

An epilator is a hair removal device that removes hair from the root. It does this by using spinning discs or tweezers to grab hairs and pull them out of the skin.

Epilators are considered to be more effective than waxing, as it can remove long and short hairs on any part of the body. However, many people wonder if an epilator is right for them before they purchase one.

To help you with your buying decision we’ve compiled a list of the 6 BEST Epilators NZ! We’ve also included an epilator buyer’s guide so you know what questions you need to ask before deciding on an epilator.

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The 6 BEST Epilators NZ

1Braun Silk-epil 9 Flex

Price: $384
Key specs: 40 tweezers | Flexible head | Ergonomic handle


  • Very good at removing hair
  • Long lasting battery
  • Not as painful as other epilators


  • One of the most expensive epilators on the market

The Braun Silk-epil 9 Women’s Epilation Hair Removal System is designed with SensoSmart technology to apply just the right amount of pressure for a gentle, comfortable epilation experience.

This is a feature that we found set it apart from the rest of the epilators on this list. It wasn’t as painful using the Silk-epil 9 as it was some other epilators.

This is due to its Micro-Grip tweezer technology that helps provide relief from tickling and pulling, this epilator has 40 tweezers that give you smooth results every time.

Plus, the ergonomic handle with an anti-slip grip makes it easy to use in both dry and wet environments.

The shaver head can be used as an alternate attachment if needed, giving sensitive areas a gentler touch for ultimate satisfaction.

We were very happy with the results we achieved with the Silk-epil 9, so much so that we thought it was definitely worth the higher price.

Buy now for $384 from Noel Leeming (via TheMarket.com)

2Thin Lizzy Perfect Skin Epilator

Price: $339
Key specs: 2 speed functions | 30mm head | Built-in light


  • Comes with 9 detachable accessories
  • Multiple useful functions
  • Fast charging USB port


  • While not as expensive as the Silk-epil 9 its still a hefty price for an epilator

The Thin Lizzy Perfect Skin Epilator is the ultimate step in your skincare regimen.

With 9 detachable heads really give you options on what feels right for your body. We found that there was a suitable attachment for all our uses.

The Body Massager head has the benefits of both a massage brush and an electric vibrating shaver, so it can be used with or without shaving cream!

You can also use the Shaver Attachment to trim unwanted hair anywhere on your body, not just below the neck.

This epilator allows you to have silky soft skin from top to bottom!

With the Thin Lizzy Perfect Skin epilator we had no trouble removing facial hair with the Shaver Head, then quickly changing that for the Body Massager head. This is the most well-rounded epilator we used as it has an attachment for everything you need. It’s versatile and functional at a great price.

Buy now for $339 from Bargain Cosmetics (via TheMarket.com)

3Panasonic – Wet & Dry Rechargeable Epilator

Price: $169
Key specs: 60 tweezers | Wide head covers a large area with every stroke | 90° pivoting head


  • Great price
  • Effective performance
  • Useful for many hair lengths


  • A bit more painful than the more expensive epilators

The Panasonic Wet & Dry Rechargeable Epilator is your all in one, multi-purpose beauty appliance.

This epilator with 60 tweezers grabs every strand of hair, even the shortest and finest hairs at 0.5mm long—perfect for bikini lines and underarms!

While we found it was a little more painful to use than other Epilators, it provides a very strong performance, clearing out both short and longer hairs on our face and body.

Its innovative design includes an ultra-slender 32.4 mm wide head that provides up to 30% more coverage on each stroke; convenient cordless convenience thanks to the rechargeable battery; a pop open cleaning tool lid for quick clean-up between uses, ensuring uninterrupted use time and an ergonomic shape with two large easily gripped handles so you can get a firm grip no matter what.

We found it was easy to use with its long handle and although it was a tad more sore to use, its significantly cheaper than other more premium epilators and is worth the discount.

Buy now for $169 from MightyApe.co.nz

4Braun: FaceSpa Pro 911 – 3-In-1

Price: $219
Key Specs: 3-in-1 device | Cleanser | Toner


  • Micro vibration helps easily irritated skin
  • Comes with 3 extra accessories
  • Skin toner as well as an epilator


  • Skin toner didn’t work as well as we would’ve hoped

The Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 is the perfect beauty treatment for women who want to achieve a clear and smooth complexion.

This 3-in-1 device includes a facial epilator that removes 4x shorter hair than wax, as well as a micro vibration toning head that enhances skin appearance and a cleanser.

The rechargeable device also comes with 3 extra attachments: a bronze cap, stand, and pouch.

We found that this device was significantly better at epilating than skin toning. With that said, it wasn’t bad at the other 2 functions, toning and cleansing, and we thought it was good value as a 3-in-1.

Buy now for $219 from MightyApe.co.nz

5Braun Epilator

Price: $98
Key Specs:


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Long lasting battery


  • Lacks more advanced features
  • Not as effective as other more expensive epilators

Removing hairs is never fun. That’s why the Braun Epilator makes it so easy for you to have that flawless skin in no time!

And for only $98 this is a epilator that’s incredibly good value.

While it isn’t as effective as the premium epilators we used, if you don’t want to spend upwards of $300 we found the Braun Epilator does a sufficient job.

It removes hair quickly and accurately, without having to come into contact with hard-to-reach places on your face.

The micro grip tweezers grab each hair from just 0.2mm away, making sure it’s all gone when you’re done epilating!

You can also use it wet or dry depending on your preferences.

For $98 this is great value and you’ll be happy with your purchase, we know we were.

Buy now for $98 from Noel Leeming (via TheMarket.com)

6Remington Smooth & Silky Effortless Glide

Price: $60
Key specs: 2 speed settings | Mains powered | Simple turn on and use


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery life


  • Requires multiple go overs
  • Can be painful to use
  • Needs to be plugged in

The Remington Smooth and Silky Effortless Glide epilator has gentle lift and grip tweezers that remove even the smallest of hairs.

We did find we had to go over the same areas a few times to get all of our hairs. However the Effortless Glide has a comfort barrel meaning you will enjoy a more efficient, less painful tug-free epilation experience. 

With a stylish perfect angle cap to follow those difficult places and a washable head with 2-speed settings for gentle or efficient removal from all over your body, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles found on more expensive epilators but for $60 there’s enough here to get the job done.

It can be powered by mains electricity or by plugging into any device with an optional adapter.

This beauty tool also includes a cleaning brush for easy maintenance!

Buy now for $60 from Noel Leeming (via TheMarket.com)

Epilator Buyer’s Guide

This guide discusses what potential buyers should consider before buying an epilator and also lists some questions that potential buyers may want to ask themselves about their needs with regards to an epilator prior to purchase.

What type of epilator do you need?

Spring epilator

A spring epilator is great for removing short hairs. They work by pinching the hair in between two metal coils, which are then shut with a handle so that it pulls out your hair at once.

Spring-action tweezer

This type of epilator uses small heads full of teeth to pluck each individual strand. It can be very painful and takes time since you have to go over the same spot several times before all the hairs appear gone or when they stop reappearing after some use. You need this if you want to remove longer hairs than what would fit into a spring epilator.

Rotating head epilators

This type of epilator has a rotating disc with small tweezers that pluck your hair in the same way as spring-action ones. Rotating heads are very good for removing short hairs, but they can’t be used on long ones since it would take too much time and effort to remove them all one by one.

How many tweezers does the epilator have?

The more tweezers an epilator has, the faster and better it can remove your hair. On average a good one should have 40-50 tweezes so as to be able to efficiently clear hairs of any length.

How many speeds does the epilator have?

Epilators usually come with two speed settings: low and high. The difference between them is that some might not work well on short hairs while others may pull out longer ones causing pain or leaving small red bumps behind which will then develop into scars if they’re repeatedly pulled by this type of product for too long at once (which won’t happen on lower speeds).

Some people find themselves using only the first setting since there isn’t much room for mistakes since it will just stop working if you have the dial on a setting too high.

How long is each tweezer?

Longer tweezers may be better at removing longer hairs but they also mean that your skin needs to stretch more so as for them to reach them which can cause pain and redness.

Shorter ones are good for areas with smaller pores, such as the upper lip or chin area since shorter hair doesn’t need much effort from the epilator’s side to come out.

Some people even prefer using those intended for facial use instead of full-sized ones due to their fine tips being less painful on sensitive face skin during first time usage while others find themselves using only body-sized models because of wider heads making the product less painful to use.

How long does it take for epilating?

There are two types of cycle times: one is the number of seconds needed per stroke and the other, which is more important since you will be using this on your body, is how long it takes between strokes so as for hair to grow back.

The latter usually depends on what kind of tweezer technology model an epilator has but keeping in mind that a dual-action or rotating head device needs time for all those teeth to pass by at once before they can pluck another strand while a spring-action model just pulls out hairs with each pinch means that if anything these devices should have shorter cycles than their counterparts do.

Should you use a dry or wet epilator?

While dry models are very efficient at removing your hair, using them in the shower where they can also cleanse you and exfoliate your skin is better since it will result into less pain for most people.

How much does it cost?

You can find epilators for as low as $30 but don’t expect them to last you very long and perform well with all hair types. A good one should at least have 40 tweezers, come clean under running water and work on both short and longer hairs so that they can be used by anyone. You would usually pay between $50-$100 for such a model depending whether it has any extra features like massage rollers or shaver heads. The more additional functions an epilator comes with, the higher its price is going to be.