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The 6 BEST Steam Cleaners NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST Steam Cleaners in NZ

Buying a steam cleaner in New Zealand can be a tricky process. Steam cleaners aren’t as popular as other household cleaning items, and finding the right information about them can prove difficult.

It can also be overwhelming as there’s a number of different steam cleaners out there, and finding the right one for you is often confusing.

This pro guide, aims to help you with these issues. We’ve listed the 6 best steam cleaners NZ to assist you with your buying decision. There’s also a buyers guide you can read that will explain the questions you should ask before buying a steam cleaner.

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The 6 BEST Steam Cleaners NZ!

1Kärcher SV 7 Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Price: $1,299
Key specs: Type: Steam cleaner/vacuum | 0.5L tank | Dimensions: 515 x 336 x 340mm (L x W x H)


  • Multiple attachments so you can use it for more than just steam cleaning
  • Efficient
  • Does the job to a high standard


  • Heavy so it can be hard to maneuver
  • Expensive

The Karcher SV 7 steam vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a versatile and easy-to-use cleaning option.

This machine can quickly and easily vacuum up crumbs and debris, as well as wiping surfaces clean with a damp cloth. Plus, it dries the surface completely so you don’t have to worry about any messes.

Whether you’re trying to clean your home from top to bottom or just need a quick pick-me-up, the SV 7 is the perfect tool for the job.

While it is easily the most expensive steam cleaner on this list, we found it was worth the money based on its performance. This is a very good steam cleaner that gets the job done.

Buy now for $1,299 from Amazon.com.au

2Kärcher SC 4 Premium Iron Easy Fix Steam Cleaner

Price: $700
Key specs: Type: Steam Cleaner/Vacuum | Dimensions: 380 x 251 x 273mm (L x W x H) | Heat up time: 4 minutes | 800ml water tank


  • Large water tank
  • Quick heat up time
  • Powerful
  • Great price


  • Not as many accessories as the SV 7

With the Karcher SC 4 Premium Iron, you can forget about using harsh chemicals and spend less time cleaning.

The powerful steam will leave your surfaces sparkling clean with no harmful residue thanks to its ability to eliminate 99% of all household bacteria while also being gentle on fabrics – even those in difficult-to-reach places like tiles or exhaust hoods!

The only reason we didn’t put this at the top of our list is because it doesn’t have as many accessories, and therefore uses as the SV 7. It is significantly cheaper though and is a great price.

With two adjustable levels available for more stubborn dirt; this convenient device gets everything done quickly so that’s one less thing you have to worry about during your daily routine

The specially designed wand includes features like an automatic child lock system, 0 percent pollution operation and 2000W heat output in order to ensure the safety of your home while providing optimal cleanliness everywhere you need it!

Buy now for $700 from Amazon.com.au

3Maxkon 3.4L High Pressure Steam Cleaner

Price: $430
Key specs: Type: Steam Cleaner/Vacuum | 3.4L water capacity | 1-minute heating time


  • Massive amount of water capacity
  • Fantastic value
  • High quality steam cleaner


  • Only capable of steam cleaning

The Maxkon 3.4L High Pressure Steam Cleaner is a high temperature steam cleaner, meaning it can produce about 1200psi without blowing out your pressure valve or requiring any cool down time.

For $430 we think this is probably the best affodable steam cleaner on our list. It’s very well priced and provides premium performance. The only reason it isn’t higher on this list is it doesn’t act as anything but a steam cleaner. However, if you’re looking for a steam cleaner and only a steam cleaner, this is what we think is the best option.

It’s an especially good option for people with wood floors who need delicate care to keep them intact.

The Maxkon produces a very powerful jet of water at 120 degrees Celsius and it doesn’t use too much water so you won’t have to constantly refill your tank. The tank is also massive at 3.4L so you won’t be refilling it very often at all.

Buy now for $430 from Zeaway (via TheMarket.com)

4BISSELL PowerFresh Slim Steam Cleaner

Price: $350
Key specs: Type: Handheld | 349ml tank capacity | Cord length: 7.62m


  • Ideal for portable steam cleaning
  • Easy to use swivel head for corners and edges
  • Steam trigger means you’re always in control


  • Not as effective as vacuum style steam cleaners

The BISSELL PowerFresh Slim Steam Cleaner is a great steam cleaner for portable usage.

It has a slim design which makes it easy to get around tight corners and they way it’s designed, you can use less cleaning solution because there are no tubes that would otherwise get clogged up with the dirt around the tube.

We found the swivel head was responsive and easy to maneuver. If you’re looking for a steam cleaner for tight areas, or more portable functions, the PowerFresh Slim is the best you can get.

This steam cleaner can clean tough messes like dried grime on carpets and tiles, scrub off baked-on food on pots and pans, deodorize pet odors or surfaces with a tough stain and disinfect surfaces, including those in the toilet bowl!

It’s good to know that it isn’t as effective as vacuum style steam cleaners but will definitely get most jobs done.

Buy now for $350 from Amazon.com.au

5Karcher SC 3 EasyFix Premium Steam Cleaner

Price: $350
Key specs: Type: Steam Cleaner/Vacuum | 1L capacity | 30 second heat up time


  • Heats up quickly so you can use it within seconds
  • Comes with a variety of accessories
  • Easy to use
  • Great value


  • Not as many premium features as other steam cleaners

The Karcher SC 3 EasyFix Premium Steam Cleaner is a great steam cleaner for many reasons. It’s easy to use, it’s lightweight, it’s durable and it comes with two different spray attachments- high pressure and low pressure.

The Karcher SC 3 has a Powerful cordless steam cleaning function that can be used on fabrics to kill bacteria and remove stubborn stains and it’s environmentally friendly.

The water tank is easily removed for convenience and the hose is retractable which saves space. This is one of the easiest to use steam cleaners we tested. It’s also a great price and provides premium performance.

The Karcher SC 3 EasyFix Premium Steam Cleaner also contains other awesome features like a long reach hose up to 20 feet in length and onboard storage for all attachments making it easy to tackle any job at hand – including curtains, carpets, drapes, upholstery, tiles and more.

Buy now for $350 from TradeTested.co.nz

6HAAN Multi Steam Mop Cleaner

Price: $380
Key specs: Type: Handheld | 20 second heat up time | 360 degree swivel head


  • Easy to use portable steam cleaner
  • 20 second heat up time


  • Not as good as the Bissell PowerFresh

This powerful portable floor cleaner is perfect for cleaning your kitchen and other areas in the house.

It has an impressive 7.6m long cord that allows you to easily move around while scrubbing, so it will not get caught on anything! We found it incredibly easy to use and efficient as well.

With 240V of power this product cleans all sorts of surfaces from wall tiles down and toilets – leaving no surface untouched by its disinfecting goodness.

The steam mop multi-surface cleaner delivers a fantastic performance; removing dirt build up without having harsh chemicals near children’s toys or oven range hoods.

Buy now for $380 from Simply Wholesale (via TheMarket.com)

Steam Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for a steam cleaner, then this buyers guide is the perfect place to start. A buyer’s guide should help you figure out what questions to ask yourself before making your purchase, and it should give you an idea of what brands are worth paying attention to. This particular buyers guide will explain some of the things that people need to consider before buying a steam cleaner.

How much does the steam cleaner cost?

Price is always a consideration, but there are other aspects to consider as well. Does it have a steam mop? Does it have an onboard scrubber or sprayer for cleaning windows and shower doors? What’s the cord length, vacuum power, etc? The more features you want with your steam cleaner, the greater the price will be.

What is the steam cleaner supposed to clean?

There are different types of steam cleaners, and there are actually a surprising range of features that can make all the difference when it comes to how well it cleans your home.

For example, some people love handheld steamers because they can bring them into their bathrooms or kitchens for quick cleaning sessions. Others prefer the deep clean that pressure-washers provide. There are even outdoor machines now with built in water tanks so you don’t have to stop to refill on your way around your house! Make sure you know what you want before deciding on any one type of product.

What type of steam cleaner matches your requirements?

There are three types of steam cleaners that are designed to work in different ways. I would recommend choosing one of the following based on your needs.

Steam Mop

Steam Mops are typically used for cleaning hard flooring surfaces. Steam can penetrate deep into the cracks and crevices on the floor, making it more sanitary than if you were to use detergents. This is great for people who have pets or kids running around on their floor. You may be wondering why I am recommending a mop instead of a vacuum cleaner. The problem with most vacuum cleaners is that they cannot get wet which means they cannot get all of the streaks up from the mop. Plus, they are very heavy, awkward to use, and need to be emptied after every use.

Steam Cleaner/Steam Vacuum

A steam cleaner is a combined vacuum and steam mop that can also clean carpets, upholstery, fabrics and more! These are great for people who have pets or kids running around on their floor because you would not need to buy a separate vacuum for your hard floors. The downside of these types of units is they usually take some time to heat up the water so it’s not as quick as just using a regular old fashioned steam mop.

Steam Handhelds

These little guys are very convenient and can get into really tight spaces. These are great for cleaning house siding, windowsills or any other surfaces that a regular vacuum cleaner cannot reach because you need to be very careful with it so as not to damage your furniture. The downside is they do not have a large water capacity therefore the steam time is limited and there may be some streaking in certain areas which would require an additional wipe down after steaming has been completed.

What type of floors will you clean with the steam cleaner?

First ask yourself what kind of surface will I need my steamer for? This should help determine how powerful your unit needs to be. If you’re using it primarily on hard flooring then picking up one with 1400watts or more power supply might work best . If you’re going to be steaming upholstery, carpets or other types of fabrics then a unit with 1600watts should work well.

What type of attachments do I need for my steam cleaner?

Depending on what kind of surfaces you will use your steam cleaner on it may come in handy if the unit comes equipped with accessories that can clean different things such as mirrors, windowsills and air vents for example. Not all units have these available but if they do make sure that this feature is a must-have before making a decision.

Is portability of the steam cleaner an issue?

If so consider getting one that comes with a convenient carrying handle. This will make it much easier to carry up and down staircases or from room to room without using your hands. The downside is if the unit is not equipped with wheels you can run into problems when trying to move around furniture because the weight of the steam cleaner may be too heavy for one person especially if there are attachments involved.

How much water does the steam cleaner hold?

This question pertains specifically for those who have pets or kids running around on their flooring surfaces, this feature makes sure that you do not need to stop in between steaming sessions just so you can refill . A bigger tank means more time cleaning before having to go back over an area again which saves valuable time overall compared to having to repeatedly fill up a small tank.

What is the steam time?

The longer your steamer has been on, the more water will be used and therefore it needs to heat back up again before you can start using it which wastes both time and energy . To prevent this from happening consider getting one with an automatic shut-off feature that turns off power after about 30 seconds of non use so as not to waste electricity unnecessarily. Plus, if there is ever any leakage or spillage than these types of units should shut down automatically as well for safety measures.