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The 6 BEST Water Blasters NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST Water Blasters NZ

Water blasters are a great way of cleaning your house and vehicle. They’re easy to use, affordable and most importantly effective. But with so many options out there, it can be hard deciding which model is the right one for your circumstances. Do you need a petrol water blaster or an electric one? How much pressure does your water blaster need? These sorts of questions can make the buying decision difficult to determine.

To help you we’ve compiled a list of the 5 BEST Water Blasters NZ! We’ve also included a water blaster buyer’s guide so you know what you should consider before making your water blaster buying decision.

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The 6 BEST Water Blasters NZ

1Karcher K7 Premium Water Blaster

Price: $1,099
Key specs: Pressure (PSI): 2600 max | Electric | 10m hose


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of accessories and features
  • Premium performance


  • Expensive

The Karcher K7 Premium Water Blaster is the top of the range and has the performance to prove it.

Including a home kit with Surface Cleaner T 350 and 1 litre of the 3-in-1 Stone Cleaner this package includes an additional car kit for thorough vehicle cleaning including a foam jet, rotating wash brush, drying cloth and 1L of cleaning agent.

With the Full Control water blaster you will find just about any pressure that you need!

The excellent 8 function spray lance even features an LED display that corresponds with your selected water pressure levels, making easy work out of removing every inch of dirt on any surface.

Quite simply, this is our favourite water blaster, and for a number of reasons. It’s easy to use, powerful enough to get most jobs done and it comes with a whole bunch of accessories. Yes its expensive however we found the price was fine for what you get.

If you want a water blaster that can do a variety of jobs, you can’t go wrong with the K7.

Buy now for $1,099 from TradeTested.co.nz

2Karcher K5 Premium Water Blaster

Price: $899
Key specs: Pressure (PSI): 2100 max | Electric | 10m hose


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of accessories and features
  • Great performance


  • Not as powerful as the Karcher K7

Lightweight and compact, the Karcher K5 Premium Water Blaster was made with easy handling in mind.

The only reason this waterblaster isn’t at the top of this list is because of its more powerful older brother the K7. IF you don’t want to spend around $1,000 for a waterblaster though, this is a very very good second place.

Ergonomic and space-saving, this durable water blaster can be used by anyone to quickly clean away pesky dirt and stubborn stains from your car or house.

The telescopic handle makes clean up a breeze without sacrificing your back for even more comfortable pulling height.

Powered via an adjustable power setting and featuring a high-volume nozzle for maximum cleaning efficiency, the Karcher K5 is sure to keep you on track with keeping your home sparkling!

Buy now for $1,099 from TradeTested.co.nz

3Flash MX2800

Price: $399
Key specs: Pressure (PSI): 2828 max | Electric | 5m hose


  • Very high PSI for an electric blaster
  • Well-built
  • Easy to use
  • Great price


  • 5m hose

The Flash MX2800 Water Blaster is the perfect tool for any major cleaning job.

We found it easy to use, and even easier on the wallet. This is a good water blaster for a great price.

Its powerful 2500 watt engine easily removes dirt and grime while using up to 50% less water than a standard garden hose, making it easy to clean without damaging property or the environment.

With features like 8.7 liter per minute flow and 2 spray patterns (jet and mist) this little brute packs a punch!

It doesn’t have quite as many premium features as the Karcher range but i has just enough to be compatible with anything you can throw at it. We did find the shorter 5m annoying at some times though.

Buy now for $399 from TradeTested.co.nz

4Hyundai 4200

Price: $1,999
Key specs: Pressure (PSI): 4200 max | Petrol | 9m hose


  • Most powerful water blaster on this list
  • Gets the job done
  • Sturdy build that’s easy to maneuver


  • Very Expensive

With its premium build, the Hyundai 4200 doesn’t disappoint.

Powered by an 1800cc engine, this 4200 PSI water blaster packs true power.

If you’ve got the need for a reliable blast to get your property in perfect condition, then it’s time to meet your new best friend with flawless cleaning pressure and turbine efficiency that will conquer any challenge.

It also comes with not only two nozzles of varying widths for different tasks but also with a sturdy handle that is designed so anyone can use it without discomfort so there are no excuses when it comes to keeping your place looking spick-and-span!

If you’re looking for a water blaster that’s super powerful, this is what you want. Bear in mind it does require petrol and could get quite loud during our testing. But with its massive PSI it could do jobs that other water blasters simply couldn’t handle.

Buy now for $1,999 from TradeTested.co.nz

5Makita HW131

Price: $813
Key specs: Pressure (PSI): 2175 max | Electric | 15m hose


  • 15m hose
  • Powerful
  • Great price


  • On the expensive side

Get the job done right with Makita’s HW131 steel braided high pressure delivery hose.

This product comes complete with a built-in hose reel, built-in accessories holder, and automatic safety valve with low pressure by-pass. Plus, the three axial-piston pump and adjustable pressure control via dial make it easy to get the perfect result every time.

The induction motor runs in a horizontal position only, making this product ideal for tough industrial applications as well as at home use.

This is a water blaster mainly for commercial uses. And it’s affordable as well. That’s what we liked most about it, it’s not as expensive as the heavy-duty petrol based blasters but still provides strong performance. We also loved the 15m hose.

Buy now for $813 from MyTools (via TheMarket.com)

6Karcher K3

Price: $349
Key specs: Pressure (PSI): 1950 max | Electric | 6m hose


  • Affordable
  • Lots of accessories and features


  • Not as powerful as other water blasters on this list

The K3 Full Control is a lightweight and compact water blaster that cleans with precision so you can ensure optimal pressure settings for every surface.

With an included spray gun with pressure indicator and pressure control, as well as additional features such as a shower head diffuser nozzle to maintain max power on any surface or a high-pressure hose stand to store your hose neatly during use, this product changes everything about how clean-ups go.

With two smooth-running rollers and an extendable handle for ease of use at all angles, those stubborn dirt spots will seem like nothing before long.

Although its not as powerful as other water blasters on this list it still gets the job done. If you want a water blaster for simple at home use and don’t want to spend a massive amount, the K3 is your best bet.

Buy now for $349 from TradeTested.co.nz

Water Blaster Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to purchase a water blaster, then this article is for you. There are many different factors that go into buying the perfect water blaster. Do you want one with high pressure? How about one with good distance? What size would be best suited for your needs? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in our buyer’s guide!

What type of water blaster suits your needs?

Electric (corded)

The mains electric water blaster is great because the pressure can be adjusted. This is not an issue for low-pressure households, but if you live in a high-pressure household then it could be an issue.

The downside to this type of blaster is that it’s more expensive than battery operated blasters. It also requires an outdoor hose or tap which will need to be plugged into electricity as well.


Petrol-powered water blasters are a good choice if you want pressure and distance. There’s also no need to worry about running out of battery power as these can run for hours before needing to be refilled.

The downside is that they’re incredibly loud! This could be an issue in close quarters or if noise restrictions are in place. 

Battery-powered (Cordless)

If you want a water blaster that’s portable or lightweight then this is the type of blaster to get. You can choose from corded and rechargeable battery powered blasters, but keep in mind that they’re not as powerful as petrol or electric ones. Rechargeable batteries are also expensive compared to other types of batteries so it may be better just to buy one with replaceable batteries instead.

What is the cleaning power of the water blaster?

Not all tanks are created equally! Some tanks will allow the blaster to produce larger droplets while others may spray cleaner further away from the face by producing finer mist jets.

These types of tank typically come on foam cannons with adjustable distance settings. This allows users to adjust the width of spray to clean hard to reach places.

How much water does the blaster use?

Some water blasters will use a small amount of water while others may consume more than you would like. If you’re using it for cleaning then it’s important to consider how much cleaner or disinfectant is required per litre compared with the capacity of your blaster.

If you want to save money and protect the environment, opt for an eco-friendly blaster instead! These typically come with larger tanks so they’ll last longer and require less refills between uses.

What type of nozzle does the water blaster have?

The tip determines what types of surfaces can be cleaned by adding different attachments such as brushes, disks, etc. depending on its specific purpose (e.g., cars/boats vs por). So make sure that if you’re buying a water blaster for outdoor use, you check if the nozzle is adjustable because this will be important when cleaning different surfaces.

How long can the water blaster go in between refills?

If your tank is small then it may only last 15-20 minutes before needing to be refilled again. When choosing what type of water blaster to get also consider how much time you have available each day to refill the tank or charge the battery.

Battery power usually varies from 30 min up to an hour depending on whether or not its cordless and rechargeable/replaceable batteries instead of built-in ones. If possible try out different types of blasters with similar specs so that you know exactly what fits your schedule!

Where are you going to be using your water blaster?

Water blasters can be used indoors and outdoors. For example, they’re great for cleaning cars because the pressure of water allows dirt to come off easily with no chemicals or detergents required. If you like camping then a battery powered blaster is ideal as it doesn’t require electricity and provides hours of use before needing to recharge!