Home Tech The 6 BEST Digital Photo Frames NZ! (2022)

The 6 BEST Digital Photo Frames NZ! (2022)

The 5 BEST Digital Photo Frames NZ

Digital photo frames are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. They are an easy way to show off your favorite photos all the time, but there is a lot that potential buyers should consider before they buy one. There are many questions that people should ask themselves before buying a digital photo frame.

With so many options on the market, the hardest question to answer is which digital photo frame is right for you? To help with that, we’ve created a list of the 6 BEST Digital Photo Frames NZ!

We’ve also included a digital photo frame buyer’s guide so you know what you should consider before making your buying decision.

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The 6 BEST Digital Photo Frames NZ

1Fockety Digital Picture Frame

Price: $206

Key specs: Screen size: 15.4 in | Screen resolution: 1280X800 | Support image format: jpeg


  • Automatically start when person within 1m
  • Supports several file formats
  • Comes with a remote control


  • Doesn’t come with a memory card

With a 15.4in HD screen and resolution of 1280*800, this digital photo frame provides excellent visual and color reproduction, letting you relive every moment in beautiful detail.

The 1000:1 contrast ratio ensures stunning image quality, while the 220cd/m2 brightness makes pictures easy to see even in bright light.

Additionally, the frame supports up to 32g memory cards, making it easy to store and display your favorite photos.

The Fockety digital photo picture frame is perfect for anyone who wants to have a constantly updated photo album without having to take the time to actually print out pictures and put them in an album.

This frame has a ton of features, like dual mode control and built-in stereo audio output, that make it easy to use and really enjoyable to look at your photos.

Buy now for $206 from Amazon.com.au

2JCMatthew WIFI Cloud Based Digital Photo Frame

Price: $399
Key specs: Size: 13″ | Memory Card Slot: SD | Panel Resolution: 1920×1080


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible smart phone app
  • HD resolution


  • Only 4GB internal memory

The J.C. Matthew WIFI cloud-based digital photo frame is a great way to share your memorable events with friends and family from any part of the world!

With an easy-to-use app, you can upload pictures from one device or from all devices at once and have them displayed on the screen within seconds.

Better yet, you can display beautiful frames of photos showcasing different aspects of your memories such as best day ever, what I’m thankful for, my perfect day etc.

It’s simple connecting to any wifi network with a compatible data plan then syncing up your smartphone APP that makes sharing photos faster than ever before!

Buy now for $399 from Tech Outlet (via TheMarket.com)

3JCMatthew WIFI Cloud Based Digital Photo Frame

Price: $199
Key specs: Size: 10″ | Memory Card Slot: SD | Panel Resolution: 1920×1080


  • Affordable
  • Compatible smart phone app
  • Works with multiple phones


  • Only 4GB internal memory

Translate your best moments into the digital age with this advanced photo frame.

Live sync & customized effects allow you to capture memories often missed on traditional frames.

Only the highest quality is used in order to provide 10x brighter colors than ever before, for a crisp clear display of all your special memories.

This digital photo frame easily connects to any WIFI network. Then with the easy-to-use app, sync up with any smartphone, from anywhere in the world – you can instantly upload your special memories & have them instantly displayed on the Digital Photo Frame back home. 

Buy now for $199 from Tech Outlet (via TheMarket.com)

4Endeavour HD Digital Photo Frame

Price: $129.99
Key specs: Size: 10″ | Supports SD & Micro SD cards | Photo formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF


  • Affordable
  • 16:9 display
  • Remote included


  • No internal memory

The Endeavour high-resolution digital photo frame is the perfect solution for everyone looking to enjoy all their memories in life without having to choose what gets framed.

Beginning with your photos and videos, the slideshow function will create a story that you can share with friends and family who come over because they’re looking for conversation starters about the things that mean most to them.

And if they need help finding something, there’s also easy navigation available through remote control – no messy computer programming needed!

Furthermore, it features many other advanced features like music playlists featuring soft melodies or captivating dance beats according to your moods. It even doubles as an alarm clock.

Buy now for $129.99 from Noel Leeming (via TheMarket.com)

5Endeavour HD Digital Photo Frame

Price: $79
Key specs: Size: 7″ | Video formats: MPG, AVI, MP4,PMP, AKV, FLV | Photo formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF


  • Supports a number of video/photo formats
  • Compact 7″ design
  • HD resolution


  • No internal memory

Light up your home, office, bedroom…even the kids’ room with the latest in digital photo frame technology.

Create endless memories of your favorite moments with this HD digital photo frame that supports audio and video playback, calendar view, and much more.

Store all your family portraits on this sleek-looking device so you can relive those precious moments anytime day or night. With built-in speakers, you can watch videos right out loud at work or play everything from MP3s to MPEGs so friends will be entertained during parties without disturbing others.

Buy for $79 from Noel Leeming (via TheMarket.com)

6Zuvio Digital Photo Frame

Price: $40
Key specs: Size: 7″ | Ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 800×480 Pixels


  • Very affordable
  • Landscape or portrait mode
  • Detachable stand


  • Only 800×480 pixel resolution

This 7-inch digital photo frame is a perfect way to memorialize a lifetime of memories with friends and family.

The Zuvio Photo Frame has the ability to load all captured memories through a USB Flash Drive or SD Card, offering both landscapes and portrait viewing for your eye flow satisfaction.

This product also comes in two beautiful colors: white and black.

Buy now for $40 from 1-day (via TheMarket.com)

Digital Photo Frame Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to buy a digital photo frame, then this buyer’s guide is for you! It will help guide you through the process of deciding which type of digital photo frame to purchase.

It will provide you with questions you should ask before buying a digital photo frame. This article is designed to be comprehensive so that readers are able to make an informed decision about their purchase.

What screen size does the digital photo frame have?

Bigger frames house larger screens and heavier frame weight makes for heftier devices, though they can also support more heavy-duty features like sensor touchscreens or bezels that hide behinds the lens for protection against everyday knocks.

This creates visual tradeoffs-whereas bigger frames look chic on the coffee table, they often do not offer as many portability benefits as smaller ones.

If buyers want something small and lightweight enough to stand upright on its own at any point in time, then bigboys like 24″ models may not be the best choice; instead, buyers should consider something in the range of 13″ to 22″.

Where will the digital photo frame be placed?

Photo frames are meant for display. If you want a location that’s always available and visible to everyone who enters your home or office-a mantelpiece, side table, cubicle wall-then choose one with an easy access slot on its backside so users can quickly switch out their pics without removing the whole thing from its stand.

Whether it has such features is determined by where they plan to put it: inside cupboards and cabinets may call for models with swivel screens that allow vertical rotation; while wall mounts require hanging brackets and slots at the bottom.

What resolution does the digital photo frame have?

Resolution has a significant impact on image quality. A higher resolution model can display more detail and in finer gradients, whereas lower resolutions produce images with slightly jagged edges that are less sharp when magnified to fill the screen’s surface area.

Keep in mind that even though your new device may accept input from sources of varying resolutions-say you intend to add content shot at 720p or 1080p -the resulting picture will be limited by the lowest common denominator between them.

Do I want a digital photo frame that is battery powered?

Battery-operated digital photo frames have a lot of benefits that you might consider. They are small and lightweight, they offer easy portability as well as the ability to view photos anywhere without needing access to an external power source.

However, battery-operated models can’t display images indefinitely because their batteries need regular recharging or replacing; some designs make it easier than others though by offering removable cells for quick swaps at your local store or online retailer.

Does the digital photo frame have internal memory or does it need an SD card to store pictures on?

Either way, you should make sure that it has enough storage to hold the number of photos and videos you want to be displayed at any given point in time.

Internal memory can cost less upfront but an SD card offers more flexibility for adding content later on; if your new device only comes with internal memory then we recommend making use of a USB cable or portable microSD adapter so that users don’t need to remove their files every time they wish to add something new.

Do I want a digital photo frame that lets me connect to the internet?

Some digital photo frames are Wi-Fi enabled, meaning users can log into their home or office wireless networks to browse the web and download new photos via email attachments.

Other models have USB ports that allow for direct access to memory cards; this is great if you want a quick way of adding content but makes it harder to retrieve images from your PC since they need downloading first before being uploaded back later on.